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Public Relations Tidbits
Did you know that the Chinese symbol for the word “crisis” is the same as the symbol for the word “opportunity”? With current economic conditions generating negative news, if you have a good story to tell, now is not the time to remain silent. Publishers and internet providers are eager to share your positive release and readers will remember it long after the dust has settled. Utilizing the services of Lennon Communications can help you become part of the solution and not the problem.
PR v. Advertising

PR vs. Advertising
Public Relations includes the writing and dissemination of press releases to multiple publications and web sites plus the crafting of feature articles to promote a company or its services. Fees are paid to the publicist whose goal is to get your story published (without charge) in publications or on sites that best serve your needs. A printed press release has four times the credibility of an ad and with today’s instant communication sources will most likely reach more people. Like everything else around us, technology has changed how and where a publicist distributes your story. A good publicist will know how to navigate these tricky waters to reach your chosen audience.

We are receiving our news from entirely different sources than we did several years ago. With the advance of the Internet, today it costs less to reach more people ... and, we can measure who has read our story! One press release distributed by a national wire service for just $220 can reach every single paper, TV and radio station in most states PLUS 5,000 online outlets while providing reports tracking the visibility of the release online.

In many industries, there is always a need for a "crisis communications" specialist to engage in "damage control" to overcome negative situations. The White House does this every day. The wise publicist will distribute a steady stream of stories and positive testimonials to national mediums to help assuage public opinion by generating communications that will help transform a negative story into a positive one. Unless you are a seasoned media mogul, don't try this without professional assistance.

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